A Guide to Kitchen Worktops: What the Options Are and Which is Best For You

//A Guide to Kitchen Worktops: What the Options Are and Which is Best For You

A Guide to Kitchen Worktops: What the Options Are and Which is Best For You

While it’s true that your kitchen should be a beautiful space that invites you, your friends and family to feel at home, it’s also one of the most important function rooms of the house. This is where the magic really happens, whether you’re whipping up a batch of berry pancakes on a Sunday morning or attempting to perfect a brand new recipe on a weekday evening.

As a result, you need to think carefully when selecting the features of your kitchen. From energy-saving appliances to stylish splashbacks, there’s no denying that there’s a lot to consider. However, one of the most important things to consider when designing a kitchen is what worktops to opt for. Your worktops allow you to prepare and dish up food, stack the washing up while the water runs hot, and display beautiful flower arrangements, framed photographs and any other kitchen decorations that spark joy.

Not only that, but choosing the right worktops is imperative to ensure the practicality and longevity of your kitchen design. You don’t want to choose stunning worktops that haven’t been designed with durability in mind, and that will soon become stained and damaged over time. This is an important choice and is one you should think carefully about when renovating your kitchen area.

Here’s our guide to some of the most popular kitchen worktop designs on the market, including the qualities and features that might make them perfect for you:

Laminate worktops

While you might often associate laminate with flooring, laminate is also used to produce stylish yet highly functional kitchen worktops. Laminate worktops can be designed to suit a variety of different aesthetics and can be manufactured to replicate other materials, such as wood, granite, marble and slate.

Despite being able to replicate these materials, laminate is a much more cost-effective alternative to each. For this reason, laminate worktops are a particularly popular option for homeowners who have a luxurious design in mind, such as marble worktops, yet have set a budget that doesn’t extend as far as they would like.

However, that’s not to say that laminate worktops don’t offer many of the same benefits as other, more expensive materials. Laminate is highly durable and easy to clean, meaning it will stand the test of time if it’s maintained properly.

Granite worktops

If you are hoping to design a kitchen with an air of luxury and sophistication, then granite worktops may be ideal for you. Sleek, shiny and versatile in design, granite worktops can be used to complement charcoal cupboards, stained wooden furnishings, tiled flooring and stainless steel fittings in particular.

Their glossy appearance also helps to create the illusion of extra space in a room, especially when you have large windows allowing high levels of natural light to flood in. If this is something that appeals to you, then shiny granite worktops are certainly worth considering. As granite is a natural material, all slabs used for worktop production have their own differences and unique patterns – something that can really make your kitchen your own.

They are also a low-maintenance option as they are naturally stain-resistant. Any spillages can be cleaned up quickly and easily without fear of your brand new worktops looking worse for wear.

The cost of your granite worktops will depend on your supplier and installation company, but bear in mind that the cheapest options on the market may not offer you the durability you require.

Quartz worktops

For homeowners inspired by natural-looking materials, quartz worktops may be a top choice. Although the quartz used to produce worktops is manufactured using the minerals found in natural quartz, it has a beautiful, authentic look that appeals to many.

In appearance, quartz worktops aren’t too dissimilar from granite options. However, one of the key differences between the two materials is that it is easy to hide the installation seams of quartz worktops. This is slightly more difficult than with granite worktops, so if you are looking for a smoother, more polished look, quartz may be the right option for you.

Additionally, granite worktops are also extremely durable, meaning you can prepare food and drinks without worrying about scratches or chips marring the overall look of your counters. They are also easy to clean, as you can simply wipe up spillages without worrying about stains and discolouration.

Quartz and granite worktops are often available at similar prices, however, it will depend on the supplier you choose.

Wooden worktops

If you want to create a natural or almost bohemian-inspired kitchen, then wooden worktops are an option you may consider. With a classic, rustic look, there’s no doubt that wood is one of the most visually-appealing worktop materials, making it one of the most popular, too. For this reason, wooden worktops are also timeless; with wooden countertops, you can rest assured that your kitchen will never go out of style.

With the right treatment, wooden worktops should also stand the test of time without issue. You will need to ensure you keep them protected from heat and particular chemicals, but with the right maintenance, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to enjoy your wooden countertops for years to come.

Additionally, if your worktops do become scratched or chipped over time, they can usually be sanded and polished until they look as good as new. However, it is important to leave this to the experts to ensure that you don’t create further damage and have to replace your worktops entirely.

Stainless steel worktops

For homeowners inspired by ultra-contemporary designs and modern kitchens, stainless steel worktops could be the answer. Stainless steel is sleek, minimalist and understated, giving you the opportunity to create an almost industrial look, especially when paired with plain white walls, a muted colour palette and carefully selected furnishings.

Stainless steel worktops also boast a variety of benefits. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages is the fact that they are heat resistant, so you can rest assured they will stay looking shiny and new even if you spill hot liquid or accidentally put a hot pan down. As a result, they are particularly popular in commercial kitchens.

Despite their durability, stainless steel worktops aren’t for everyone. When using them to prepare food, you may notice that they are noisier than other materials, which may be off putting for some. However, if this won’t bother you, then steel worktops may be a great, no-fuss option for your home or commercial kitchen.

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