Organisation Tips For Your Kitchen

//Organisation Tips For Your Kitchen

Organisation Tips For Your Kitchen

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered and disorganised kitchen. A kitchen should be a space that you can relax and spend time with family, not one that you avoid spending time in.

Read on for our top tips for organising your kitchen to make it a space you enjoy.

Be smart about storage

Whether you’re planning on installing a new kitchen or simply want to revamp your current kitchen, storage plays a key role in the successful organisation of a kitchen. Implementing smart storage solutions is a great way to declutter the space and make it easier for you to find everything you need for your next home-cooked meal or bake. Whether that’s implementing a spice rack draw into your kitchen cupboards or installing your dustbin in your sink cupboard, there are many ways to get smart about storage that can make your kitchen look and feel more organised.

Keep it clean

Regularly cleaning your kitchen is a good way to put everything back where it belongs and organise. Spraying surfaces with multi-purpose cleaner, changing the bins and degreasing your sink can be hugely beneficial to the look and feel of your kitchen.

Get creative

Some of the best organisation solutions are those which are out of the ordinary. Whether it’s making a DIY hanging rack for your pots and pans or building a shelf for your spices, there are many innovative ways to organise your kitchen. Start by dividing your kitchen into sections, for example, consumables, cooking utensils and cleaning products. This will help you to identify how best to organise each section.

Position favourite items

Perhaps you have a favourite pan or mug that you regularly use- keeping these items at eye level is a great way of easily accessing them. The same goes for items you use less regularly- perhaps you have a soup maker you only use in the winter months or an ice cream maker you use in the summer. These items can be positioned at a higher or lower eye level.

Make use of containers

Reusable containers are the perfect tool to use to declutter your cupboards, help you to identify what you need to restock and save space. Rectangle containers, for example, can be stacked and so are perfect for baking food products. Whereas larger cereal containers can help keep your cereals orderly.

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