Five Things Every Home Office Needs

//Five Things Every Home Office Needs

Five Things Every Home Office Needs

With more people working from home than ever before, the importance of designing the perfect home office has become clear. After all, it’s difficult to concentrate and stay engaged if your home workspace doesn’t scream productivity. If the time has come to update your personal office – or you’re suddenly recognising the need to have a study designed and fitted at home – we’re here to help. To help you get inspired, we’ve listed five things that every home office needs. 

Large windows

Never underestimate the importance of natural light. It can boost your mood, keep you energised and increase your overall productivity levels. If your office doesn’t have large windows, you may consider having them fitted. Or, if this isn’t an option, consider the following tips:

  • Choose furnishings with polished surfaces to reflect light
  • Hang mirrors; the sun will bounce off them and spread throughout the room
  • Paint the room a pale colour; this will make it feel brighter. 

Plants and greenery

Houseplants have a range of great benefits that make them perfect for home offices. They can also boost your mood and are known to purify the air in a room, leaving you feeling happier and healthier. Plants also look great, especially when potted in a stylish basket or pot.

Ergonomic furniture

You’re going to be sat at your desk for hours on end, so make sure you choose the perfect one for you. This also extends to your chair. Choosing the right furniture can make your home office experience much more comfortable, and finding ergonomic furniture will also prevent the onset of aches and pains.


A cluttered home office isn’t a productive home office! You’d be surprised at how quickly clutter can pile up in home studies, but over time this will have a negative effect on your mood and productivity levels. Investing in plenty of storage is a simple yet effective trick to make your home office look tidier and more spacious. If everything has a home, you’ll also spend less time looking for important folders or your laptop charger. 

The perfect lighting

We’ve already mentioned the importance of natural bright light, but the ideal home office will also have great artificial light. If you’re working into the night or on a gloomy day, you’ll need adequate lighting to prevent you from straining your eyes. 

It’s important to get the lighting right as this can also have an effect on your concentration levels. Bright light can give you headaches, whereas dull light can make you feel tired and lethargic. Discussing your home office design and lighting requirements with a professional will help you make the right decision!

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