Three Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

//Three Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

Three Simple Tips for Decluttering Your Kitchen

To truly make the most of your kitchen, it’s important that you have all of the space you need. If your surfaces are jam-packed with appliances or you can’t open certain cupboards in fear of the mountain of pots and pans that will come crashing down, it’s time to do some organising. 

A clean and clutter-free kitchen is not only an interior designer’s dream, but it also makes cooking up a storm a whole lot easier. Decluttering and organising your kitchen doesn’t have to be a task that you dread; simply follow our three tips below and your kitchen will look better in no time. 

Do I use this item often?

To begin clearing your counters, let’s start with one simple question: “do I use this item often?”. If the answer is no, it’s time to tidy it away – whether it’s in a cupboard or on a shelf. You can even put it into storage if you don’t use the item yet want to keep it – just get it off your precious surfaces! 

If the answer is yes, work out how often you use it. If it’s an everyday item, such as a jar of sugar for your coffee or kitchen roll to wipe up spills, you may prefer to keep it out. If you don’t use the item too often – such as a smoothie maker that only gets turned on every couple of weeks – tidy it away. 

Do I need six of these?

It’s always useful to have spares – but do you really need to hoard endless spares of everything? If your mug cupboard looks like you’re making tea for a family of 15 or your drawer of utensils looks like it belongs in a busy commercial kitchen, it’s time to have a clear out. Often, we struggle to get rid of these items because we consider them useful – but really, all they’re doing is cluttering the kitchen. 

If you have seven wooden spoons, six sets of pots and pans and enough plates for your whole street, you cut down to what you need. Realistically, you only need enough for your daily meals with your family plus a few spares for guests. 

Is this practical?

While rows of jars full of seeds, flour, muesli and nuts do look pretty, they may not be practical in the kitchen. In the average kitchen cupboard, Kilner jars can take up more room than necessary. When it comes to space and storage in your kitchen, it’s important to be practical. 

Grouping items together in baskets can help to save space, particularly if you have lots of loose packets and sachets of sauces. It’s also a good idea to arrange your kitchen around your most frequent activities. For example, a tea station is the perfect area to put the kettle, teabags, teaspoons, sugar and mugs without taking up several surfaces. 

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