Kitchen Appliances Every New Homeowner Needs

//Kitchen Appliances Every New Homeowner Needs

Kitchen Appliances Every New Homeowner Needs

Moving into a new home is very exciting. From decorating your new house to kitting it out with all of the essential gadgets, making a property your own can be a fun experience. Buying appliances for your home, however, can be a big task, especially if you are starting from scratch and are a first time buyer. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of all of the essential appliances you need for your new kitchen.


A fridge is essential in any home in order to keep food cold and fresh, and it is essential that you invest in a good one if you want it to last you for years to come. If you’ve ever experienced a power cut in your home, you’ll know just how important a functioning fridge is to keep meat from going off. If you have a big or growing family, investing in a big fridge is wise; however, if it isn’t necessary, consider purchasing a smaller, more energy efficient fridge.


We all have those days when we don’t have time to cook – or, sometimes, we simply can’t be bothered. Whether you’ve arrived home late after a particularly long day or you simply fancy a ready meal for dinner, there are going to be times when a microwave will be your best friend. When purchasing a microwave, remember to pay attention to the wattage; we recommend opting for one that is 900 to 1000 watts.


There truly is nothing better than a hot coffee or a cup of tea to get your day started. A kettle is essential in every kitchen to ensure that you can easily and quickly boil water without having to wait a long time. Modern kettles are highly efficient and come in a range of colours and styles to suit your kitchen.


While not an absolute essential, a dishwasher can truly make life that little bit easier. Looking after a family and working to a tight schedule can leave you with little time to tend to the dishes after cooking a meal, and they can quickly pile up and clutter your kitchen. A dishwasher will save you plenty of time and will clean your crockery in a more sanitary way than cleaning them in a bowl of hot water and washing up liquid.

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