Four Design Ideas For a Stylish Home Office

//Four Design Ideas For a Stylish Home Office

Four Design Ideas For a Stylish Home Office

If you work from home, you’ll know that trying to stay motivated can often be the biggest challenge of the working day. After all, when your television and comfortable sofas are a couple of steps away, trying to focus on your ever-expanding to-do list can be difficult.

However, this becomes much easier when you design a home office that you actually want to spend time in. If your home office looks chic, feels comfortable and has everything you need for a productive working day, then you’re much more likely to get through your pile of work before 5 pm.

Is it time to refurbish your home office? Here are four great design ideas to consider.


When you’re stuck inside all day, finding ways to bring the outdoors in can really help you stay feeling refreshed and revitalised. Natural design has become increasingly popular over the past few years for this exact reason, making it a top choice of style for home workstations. To achieve a natural feel, opt for earthy tones such as clay, charcoal, forest green and burnt orange, and fill your office with leafy potted plants. Make sure you keep your blinds open to maximise the natural light inside the room and opt for furnishings produced in sustainable materials, such as wood and stone.


If you’re inspired by warm hues and striking patterns, then a bohemian-style office might be ideal for you. To create this look, consider pairing bare floorboards with a selection of patterned rugs and quirky floor lamps. Although bohemian design tends to be fairly loud, remember that your home office is somewhere you’ll need to concentrate, so it’s best to keep all accessories to a minimum. However, you can still inject personality and character into the room with lots of greenery, striking wall art, rustic wooden chairs and a statement desk.


Scandinavian interior design takes inspiration from a range of styles, including modern and natural designs, and is based around concepts of simplicity and minimalism. However, Scandinavian design also gives you the opportunity to experiment with warmer hues and softer textiles, making it a perfect choice for a home office. For a Scandinavian feel, consider starting with crisp white walls and bare floorboards and accessorising with black furniture. Keep the space light and airy, with plenty of storage to tidy away any clutter, and inject pops of colour, such as a mustard seat cushion or forest green rug.


If you have a particular passion or interest, why not design a home office according to this theme? For instance, if you’re a keen traveller, why not mount framed maps, and decorate your desk with a globe and souvenirs you’ve picked up on your adventures? Or, if you’re most inspired by the ocean, why don’t you centre your design around different shades of blue and opt for white-painted furniture? This is your space, so you can be as creative as you like.

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