Home Office Design for Small Rooms: Top Design Tips for a Productive Home Study

//Home Office Design for Small Rooms: Top Design Tips for a Productive Home Study

Home Office Design for Small Rooms: Top Design Tips for a Productive Home Study

If you work from home, but you’re bored of hunching over the kitchen table and getting distracted by the rest of the household, renovating your own home study will feel like a dream come true. However, if you only have a small space to work with, you may be wondering how best to make the most of it. Below, we’ve listed our top home office design tips for smaller rooms:

Make the most of every corner

This is a simple trick that can help you maximise the available space in your home study. Making the most of every corner will save lots of valuable floor space while making sure you have everything you need for a productive office. Simple tips include installing a corner desk or fitting a storage cabinet in an unused corner.

Utilise under-desk storage

Including lots of storage space in your home office design can help you keep it clutter-free, however, fitting lots of stylish cabinets may not be ideal if you have a smaller room. Make the most of your desk by fitting storage boxes underneath for important documents, stationery or spare IT equipment.

Let lots of light into your home office

Allowing lots of natural light to flood into your home office is a great way to make it look more spacious. High levels of natural light have also been linked to increased productivity, so try not to block any windows. Choose a set of blinds which can be opened to maximise the light streaming in and consider hanging a mirror to reflect the sun. This can also make a room feel bigger.

Use available wall space

Make the most of your wall space by fitting shelves or wall-hung cabinets for additional storage. This way, you can maximise your floor space and keep your desktop free from clutter. You can even use your walls to add a touch of decoration, such as by hanging leafy plants or fixing a stylish wall lamp. By injecting personality into your office, you’ll also make it a more engaging place for you to work.

Arrange a selection of houseplants

In recent years, houseplants have become a standout feature of home office design. They look attractive and can purify the air in a room – but did you know they can also make a space look bigger? Hanging plants can make a room look taller, so consider hanging indoor vines and climbers around your office to create a natural optical illusion.

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