The Best Kitchen Trends for Autumn 2018

Are you considering renovating your kitchen in the last few months of 2018? Perhaps you’re having visitors for Christmas and think your kitchen design is looking a little old-fashioned? Whether you’re considering a whole new fitted kitchen or simply some new appliances then you’re probably looking for some inspiration and what you should invest your money in this Autumn. This is where Woodhouse Kitchens and Bedrooms come in, if you are stuck for kitchen ideas then we have plenty! Here we present some of the top trends currently so you can see if any of these are what you are looking for.

  1. Two tone kitchen cabinets

On paper it doesn’t seem like a far out there idea, but it really breaks the mould in terms of kitchens since the beginning of time! Kitchens have always been fairly simple in terms of colour, and it’s even unusual to see any design on cabinet doors. Now people are choosing two-tone cabinet doors and learning that it really brings some character to the room. So if you like something different, this is really the trend for you.

  1. Shades of blue

If blue if your colour, then it doesn’t need to be kept to the bathroom. We’re seeing hues of blue creeping in to kitchens all over the country now. This is for the bold amongst you, although you can move away from the cobalt and teal and have a lighter blue if you’d like something gentler.

  1. Minimalism

Not necessarily new, but never going away is the minimalist trend for the kitchen. It lends itself well to this space as the simplicity and sleekness works better here than any other room in the house. Follow clean lines and you’ll have a smart, stylish and up-to-the-moment space. This is probably not the style to go with if you have a house full of boisterous children!

  1. Statement shelves

You may not think that your kitchen is the space to bring out your personality but with open shelving becoming a thing, then you can think again. You can add plants to bring the outside in, accessories that express your love of art or whimsy, or even just display those lovely assorted olive oils you brought home from Croatia. Floor to ceiling units allow you to have maximum use of space and if you put some lighting on your open shelves, it really adds warmth to the room.

  1. Get a handle on it

Last year was all about linear, but this year you can get back to opening doors with ease! If you want to change the look of your kitchen but you don’t have a huge amount of money to blow then you’ll love this trend. Handles are back – beautiful coppers and rose gold’s on your cupboards and drawers that brighten up the room and are fantastic alternatives to the usual stainless steel or black.

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