5 Impressive Kitchen Features That Make a Statement

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, and it’s not just a place you can cook, it’s often where people dine and entertain too, making it a room you’ll use often. That’s why a good fitted kitchen can make such a difference to a house, whether you are trying to sell your home or just impress your guests. Here are some features to add to your kitchen to get maximum impact.

  1. Kitchen islands

Not just for big kitchens, kitchen islands can be used in all sorts of spaces, and can be used as:

  • Extra prepping space
  • Space for a hob or sink
  • A breakfast bar
  • Dining space

Kitchen islands make an interesting focal point for a room, so whether it’s perfectly square or you have an unusual space, kitchens with islands make the most of the room. They’re often associated with luxury homes, so add a touch of style to your home.

  1. Specialist storage

Having enough storage in your kitchen is essential to keeping a neat and tidy space, but other than the usual kitchen cabinets, there are lots of impressive storage solutions that can be added to the space. This could be smaller shelves for things like herbs and olive oils, space for chopping boards, or a deep drawer under your hob for easy access to saucepans. The easiest way to choose storage is to opt for computer aided design for your kitchen, so you can discuss how you want to use the space and how to ensure it’s practical.

  1. Quartz or granite countertops

Good countertops will make all the difference in your kitchen, instantly adding a touch of luxe to the space. Don’t settle for laminate when your kitchen design will look so much better simply by adding quartz or granite. Giving you the stylish look of natural stone, but with practical, hard-wearing features that you’ll love.

  1. Adding colour

Many kitchens are still monochrome, but there’s no rule that kitchens need to just be white. When you look for modern kitchen ideas, you’ll notice that kitchens are increasingly incorporating a wider range of colours. From splashbacks to coloured appliances, there are many ways to add colour without overdoing it.

  1. High-quality fixtures

While things like taps and drawer handles may seem small, they can make a big difference to the overall look of your kitchen. It’s worth investing in quality, ensuring that your fixtures last as long as possible, staying looking clean and new. Spending a little more on things like taps also means you can go for different design options, for example, going for gold-tones which have become a big look in 2018 and really add a luxe touch when compared to the usual stainless steel.

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