Top Tips for Throwing a Great Dinner Party.

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Top Tips for Throwing a Great Dinner Party.

The dinner party has been a staple of entertaining for centuries, from lavish dinners thrown in country houses to a few friends sharing some nibbles and wine. Dinner parties are the perfect way to gather family and friends in a warm, relaxed atmosphere; but they are not without their stresses. From designing a menu that matches your culinary skills to decorating the table, dinner parties do require some organisation. If you’re thinking about throwing a dinner party soon and want to make sure the night goes without a hitch, see our top tips below for throwing the perfect dinner party.

Prep in advance

Food preparation is absolutely key to avoid a last minute panic and to allow you to spend time with your guests instead of being chained to the kitchen. Empty the dishwasher and bins, and make sure all the equipment you need is washed and ready to go.

It’s easiest to make a dessert in advance that you can just keep in fridge (like cheesecake), and chop up and weigh as many ingredients as possible to cut down on cooking time once your guests arrive.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you’re cooking for a larger group (say six people or more), don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring a dish to help out. You could cook a large main course and ask each person to bring a side of vegetables, salad or nibbles like cheese and olives. Close friends and family are sure to offer their help too, if you need any assistance stirring dishes or chopping in the kitchen.

Think about the details

You don’t have to go overboard, but a few extra details and table decorations can really tie the whole evening together. Try fresh, seasonal flowers, antique glasses and crockery or personalised place holders. Table settings don’t have to be overly elaborate, but a few decorations can make the occasion feel special.

Work out a seating plan

There’s a slight cliche of dinner parties being used to matchmake your single friends, but don’t feel you have to force this! The most important thing is that everybody feels happy and relaxed, so make sure all guests are in talking distance of somebody they already know, or somebody they share common interests with. Pairing introverts and extroverts next to each other can also help guests come out of their shell and ensure the conversation flows.

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