Don’t Scrimp on Kitchen Improvements – it’s the Most Important Room in the House!

//Don’t Scrimp on Kitchen Improvements – it’s the Most Important Room in the House!

Don’t Scrimp on Kitchen Improvements – it’s the Most Important Room in the House!

The heart and soul of a home, the centre of day-to-day living and the best room in the house: these are all phrases that many associate with a kitchen. As well as being a place that we can hone our culinary skills, a kitchen is often the social hub of a household and is a room that offers both warmth and comfort.

When it comes to property renovations, costs can begin to mount up and it’s normal to try and pinch pennies wherever possible, however, this should not be applied to kitchen improvements. As the beating heart of a bustling household, it’s essential to go all out when revamping your kitchen. After all, this is where the family gathers for meals, parties and other significant events and with this in mind, it must be both practical and inviting.

That being said, remodelling a kitchen from top to bottom is no easy feat. From colour schemes and materials to fixtures and fittings, there are tons of things that need to be taken into account to ensure you end up with the kitchen of your dreams- but where to start?

Below, we’ve created a guide on how to approach your kitchen renovation along with the various fittings you’ll need to choose in order to bring your new kitchen to life.

Starting your kitchen installation project

First things first, when having a kitchen installed, it’s essential to hire an experienced and professional team to supply, design and fit it for you. An accomplished team of craftsmen will combine your ideas with their expertise to ensure you end up with a kitchen that’s fitted to the highest standard and ticks all your boxes. From conducting an initial survey of your home to adding the finishing touches to your brand new kitchen, a reputable team of kitchen fitters will provide an end-to-end service and will be on hand at all times to offer advice and respond to queries.

Once you’ve found the perfect team to make your dream kitchen a reality, it’s important to assess what your expectations are for the space. What sort of style are you going for? What’s your ideal colour scheme? What appliances do you need? These are just a few of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself when planning your kitchen installation, however, your kitchen fitters will also be able to offer professional advice on how to make the most of the space.

Kitting out your kitchen

Now that you’ve discussed some initial ideas with a skilled team of craftsmen, it’s time to get down to specifics. A kitchen contains countless fixtures, fittings and appliances and it’s these things that make the space both practical and visually appealing. With this in mind, it’s essential to kit out your kitchen carefully as this will guarantee you end up with the room you envisioned.

Some crucial kitchen accessories and features include:

Kitchen doors

Most kitchens contain lots of cupboards and cabinets and it’s essential for these doors to emanate both style and sophistication. Perhaps you’d like glass panelled doors, or maybe you just want simple yet classic wooden doors. Whatever your preferences, this should be communicated directly to your design team so they can select the perfect doors for your brand new kitchen.


From hobs and ovens to kettles and toasters, kitchen appliances contribute both practicality and aesthetics, so it’s essential to choose wisely. In addition to selecting products that are visually appealing, it’s advisable to go with reputable brands that produce high-quality appliances to ensure your kitchen is fit for purpose. Whether you’re a culinary genius or your cooking skills are just beginning to flourish, picking the best appliances will give you a helping hand when cooking up a feast.

Work surfaces

Whether you want sturdy wooden work surfaces or stunning quartz countertops to give your kitchen a bit of shine, there are many different materials to choose from when designing your work surfaces. Whilst the surfaces you choose will largely depend on your personal design preferences, a kitchen specialist can advise you on which material fits best with both your requirements and your kitchen’s style.


Drawers can make up a large portion of a kitchen and in addition to being practical, they should also contribute style and sophistication to the room. When picking your drawers, it’s essential to choose a style that fits in seamlessly with your kitchen’s decor and further to this, you should select high-quality materials that stand the test of time.


From hardwood floors to laminate tiles, there are tons of flooring options to consider for your brand new kitchen. In addition to installing a floor that contributes to the aesthetics of your kitchen, it should also be robust enough to withstand high levels of foot traffic and resistant to an excess of moisture. Flooring is the foundation that the rest of your kitchen is built upon and with this in mind, it’s essential for it to set the tone for the room.

Quality is key

Whilst we all want a kitchen that looks great and stands out from the crowd, there’s more to revamping a kitchen than choosing fun accessories. After all, its primary function is for food preparation and so must be kitted out with practicality in mind. Picking appliances and fittings that are constructed using high-quality materials is imperative to ensuring your kitchen lasts for years to come and when it comes to fitting, your kitchen specialists will guarantee that everything has been installed and fitted to the highest possible standard.

Whether you’re giving your entire property a facelift or you’re focusing all your efforts on a few rooms, your kitchen should take priority as, in addition to being a room that’s used on a daily basis, it’s a space that’s frequented by the entire household and is the beating heart of any property.

At Woodhouse Kitchens & Bedrooms, we specialise in fitting out both of these rooms to the highest standard. From kitchen cabinet doors to space-saving wardrobes, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to renovating these spaces and we have the expertise needed to turn your dreams into reality.

When it comes to kitchen design, our three stage process has proven to produce top-quality results every time. After finalising the layout at an initial consultation, we will then allow you to add the final touches to the plan and once this has been confirmed, our installation team can get to work on installing your brand new kitchen. Our dedicated team of kitchen specialists will work closely with you to ensure you end up with the space you envisioned and we only use materials and appliances of the highest quality.

In addition to kitchens and bedrooms, we also design and fit-out home studies and with our years of experience and range of bespoke furniture, you can guarantee we’ll construct an office that boasts that wow factor. We pride ourselves on designing rooms that are both practical and aesthetically appealing and we complete every job we take on to the highest standard.

Whether you’d like replacement cabinet doors for your kitchen or you’re revamping the entire room from top to bottom, contact us today and give your home a new lease of life with Woodhouse Kitchens & Bedrooms.

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