Great Ideas for Your Summer Home Renovation Projects

Summer is an ideal time to get started on some of your home renovation projects. Whether it’s installing a new kitchen or refurbishing your bedroom, it is better done in the warmth of summer, rather than the cold of winter.

The summer provides longer daylight hours, giving you ample time to work on revamping your home and fitting that new kitchen you’ve always desired.

Bedroom Renovations

Updating your master bedroom, or any bedroom in your home has several benefits. You can create your own personal retreat which also adds value to your property. Many homeowners choose to revamp their bedrooms for a wide variety of reasons.

Return on Investment – No matter the reason for remodelling your bedroom, it will ultimately add value to your home.

Create Space – A bedroom revamp allows you to create more space, you can modify certain sections to suit your needs and generate extra storage compartments.

Additional Features – Renovating your bedroom provides an excellent opportunity to add some convenient and stylish new features.

If you are planning on renovating your bedroom this summer, our team at Woodhouse Kitchens & Bedrooms can provide expert help and recommendations. We’ve years of experience in both contemporary and traditional designs, offering our clients bespoke services that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Kitchen Revamp

In most households, the kitchen is the main hub of activity in the home. It is where families get together to hone their culinary skills, kids do homework on kitchen tables and loved ones meet to enjoy delicious home cooked meals.

There is a long list of reasons for renovating your kitchen, some of the main benefits include:

Revitalise – If your kitchen space is looking a little drab and dreary, and you’ve noticed some of your units have begun to deteriorate, a remodelling project will refresh this space and breathe some much-needed life into your kitchen.

Modernise – A kitchen can be pristine yet look old-fashioned. Many of our clients are bored with their old kitchen designs and wish to rejuvenate this space by adding a trendy new contemporary design that changes the look of their kitchen.

Change – Some homeowners simply wish to change the look of their kitchen, it may be practical, modern and attractive, yet it no longer appeals to them.

With a diverse range of kitchen designs and products, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality kitchen concepts with exceptional functionality and style. We guarantee a bespoke finish like no other, ensuring your kitchen is expertly designed and installed by our team of experienced professionals.

Productive Home Office

Working from home is convenient, but when designing an office, you must create an environment which offers both comfort and peak productivity. Whether for study or work, it is important not to make this space too casual.

Our skilled tradespeople can create a custom-made home office design which meets all your requirements, we work closely with our clients to install home studies that offer functionality, luxury and efficiency, all at an affordable price.

If you’d like to know more about our wide variety of home improvement services, why not contact our expert consultants on 01423 812880.