How to choose your interior doors

//How to choose your interior doors

How to choose your interior doors

If you’re planning a home renovation project it’s very easy to overlook interior doors; however they play a crucial part in the aesthetic and functionality of your home. Not only can they bring an added level of detail to your home but also play a significant role in keeping you and your family safe. Interior doors have the ability to transform the appearance of your home, and there’s many things to take into consideration when looking for your new door. Whether you’re seeking functionality or you’re looking to make a bold statement, by balancing your price range and functionality you’re likely to find something that works for you.


Bedroom doors:

For many of us, the bedroom is where we spend a substantial amount of time when at home. Whether relaxing in comfort with with your  significant other after a long day at work, or spending some quality time alone, it’s an important space for calm relaxation.

Although this may seem like the first thing you would review, make sure you ask yourself what is the style of my home? Factors you may want to take into consideration could be, what is the age of my property and what is the style of my furniture? If you live in a modern household you may want to reflect a more contemporary and practical style such as a slide veneer doors that come in a glossy minimalist finish. More traditional homes may favour a classic approach such as a high quality oak door that fall in line with a more period property.

Some of the best options for bedroom doors include:

French doors

The origins of french doors can be rooted back to the 16th century when renaissance art focused on the importance of proportion, symmetry putting great emphasis on the significance that light could have in regards to architectural design. The french incorporated ideas from this to the model and form of their doors. French doors are a great option for integrating light into your living space and creating more of a communal feel if you are limited for space.


Folding doors

Folding doors (also known as concertina doors) are another ideal alternative to regular doors if you are limited for space, these allow you the option for real social ambience between two adjoining rooms while giving  you the option to partition them in the winter months or alternatively create a light and open space in the summer months. Folding doors give you the option for flexibility and having the alternative for a more intimate private space, this is particularly ideal if you have guests staying.


Kitchen doors:

For many of us the kitchen is the heart of the home and typically for most an open space ideal for entertaining guests and cooking up your favorite recipes for the family, so taking the time to consider what kitchen door options that are available to you is important. There are some incredible in – trends for 2019 as well as some more timeless options.


Some great options for kitchen doors include:

Panel doors

Panel doors have a timeless quality so are a great investment choice for your kitchen. Panel doors are extremely robust and known for their durability and strength which is the kind of thing most people look for in terms of interior doors.


Shaker doors

Shaker doors have been around for centuries and tend to have a clean attractive wood grain finish which is particularly suited to contemporary homes with more modern interiors. Shaker doors feature a flat centre and a square edges with minimalist detailing and are probably one of the most popular choices for kitchen doors which many interior designers tend to pair with matching kitchen cabinets and drawers.

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