So Many Kitchens to Choose From – How to Select the Right One for Your Property

//So Many Kitchens to Choose From – How to Select the Right One for Your Property

So Many Kitchens to Choose From – How to Select the Right One for Your Property

Often known as the ‘heart of the home’, kitchens are an essential part of our home that serve our lifestyle and needs. There are many points to consider when choosing the kitchen for your home. From different layouts, to kitchen doors and installation companies, a lot of work goes into selecting the right kitchen for you and your family.

The layout plan for your kitchen is the most important step as it is the foundation for everything else. It should be functional and fit your needs both now and in the future. Take a close look at your entertaining habits, how you cook, and how you currently live. If you entertain often, an open kitchen would be a good choice, whereas if you are the only person who cooks in the family, a compact kitchen would be more functional.

Another aspect to take into consideration is family. The number of children as well as their age can impact your choice on a kitchen layout. Whether a toddler is helping in the kitchen or a young adult is grabbing food for their friends, a kitchen will need to grow with you and your family, so you will want longevity and flexibility.

Choosing Your Kitchen Layout

Once you prioritise your needs, choosing your layout will be much easier. Many online kitchen design planners are also available for free and you can test out different kitchen units and layouts before you make a decision. Keep in mind the size of space you have as some layouts do not work well for small or large spaces.

A U-shaped kitchen layout boasts plenty of space for countertops and storage. It’s ideal for busy households in a country home. This layout runs along three walls and is also perfect for spacing your fridge, sink and stove into the ‘golden triangle’, which creates an efficient work zone. The U-shaped layout is good if the space is adequate. However, a small kitchen space won’t work well with this shape and leads to a cramped kitchen area that is neither efficient nor functional.

An L-shaped kitchen layout runs along two walls and opens into a larger living area. This popular option is well suited for entertaining on a regular basis and works well for farmhouses or large apartments. While the L-Shaped layout does not have the same storage capacity of the U-Shaped layout, this is sometimes remedied by installing an island. A central island adds the storage and counterspace needed while still being open to the adjoining living area.

A line kitchen layout works well in small spaces such as apartments. This simple design runs along one wall and can also be accessorised with a central island. While the line kitchen layout is more economical, the limited counterspace can easily be taken over by appliances if you’re not careful.

A galley kitchen layout is perfect for a small urban apartment and is similar to a line kitchen except there are two and they are facing each other. This layout works well for compact spaces and is so efficient that most restaurants have them. Everything is easy to reach in this configuration which makes cooking even simpler. The galley kitchen layout is not ideal for entertaining, but one side can be opened into the adjoining living space. This creates an elongated island or breakfast bar while making the space more useful and open for entertaining guests.

Choosing Kitchen Doors

Now that you have your kitchen layout, it’s time to start choosing the items going into the kitchen to make your functional space look beautiful. Kitchen cupboard doors are design elements that will be the most visible parts of your kitchen so you will want to choose something that is not only serves its purpose but is beautiful as well.

Choosing a door profile will help reflect the design you want, whether it is modern, contemporary, or classic. From there, you will want to choose a style. While a budget often helps narrow down the choices, you may still find it tough to decide. In this case, it is best to keep your top style choices to three or four, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Use your phone to take photographs of your favourite styles so you can look over them and delete the door styles that you don’t love.

Colour and wood type are important factors when choosing kitchen doors. If you have a small space, you may want to go with a lighter colour or wood type, so your kitchen doesn’t appear smaller than it is. Larger kitchen layouts in country style homes with lots of natural light are ideal for a darker cupboards. The finish on the kitchen doors can also have an impact on the overall look of your kitchen. Glossy, satin, or matte finishes add that final detail that brings everything together.

Many kitchen cabinet doors already come with this hardware mounted to the hinges. This feature kicks in when the kitchen door is about an inch from closing and closes itself smoothly and quietly.

Kitchen Installation

Kitchen installation can be very complex and is best done by a professional. They can take the stress out of installing your new kitchen and can complete it faster than if you do it on your own. Once you have chosen your kitchen layout and kitchen door design, the installer will look at the space and go over anything that needs to be completed before installation can happen. Some items that may need adjustments are the plumbing, as well as gas or electric fittings. Once these issues have been attended to, a date is set for the installation of your new kitchen.

Many kitchen installers offer a free removal of the old kitchen. This will save you a lot of hassle from hauling everything to a landfill. Now that the old kitchen is gone, it’s time to install the new one. Each kitchen is a unique project so the length of your kitchen’s installation can vary.

Once the installation is complete, you will want to walk through and check the work. If it is not up to your expectations, the installer can make changes so you will be satisfied with your kitchen for years to come.

Fitted Bedrooms

Fitted bedrooms provide more storage through customisation than a freestanding wardrobe and are popular throughout the UK. Similar to choosing kitchen cabinets for your home, choosing storage options in your bedroom takes careful planning and consideration. A fitted wardrobe is custom tailored to extend to the full height of the bedroom, regardless of layout, so you can get the most out of your space while reducing surfaces that collect dust.

While you cannot take a fitted bedroom with you when you move, it does increase the value of your home. Extra storage is at a premium throughout the country, and potential buyers will pay more for a home that is already equipped with the coveted extra storage that fitted bedrooms bring.

When choosing the right company for your fitted wardrobes, ask your family and friends to recommend based on their experience. Online searches will give you a variety of products available and their reviews to consider your best option. Showrooms offer displays of different products that you can see and feel for design and quality.

Ask the company that did your kitchen installation if they also do fitted bedrooms. If they don’t, they may know or work with a company that does. A company that can work with you from the very beginning will make the project less stressful and can avoid mistakes that could be costly.

Much like kitchen doors, choosing a style that will grow with you is essential when choosing your fitted bedroom. Colour, wood type, and finishes can also impact the perception of a bedroom. Darker colours can make a small space seem even smaller, whereas lighter wood and colour can open a space up. In addition, mirrored doors in a small apartment bedroom create the appearance of a larger space.

Another thing to consider is how the doors open in relation to the area needed to open them. Small urban apartment spaces benefit from bi-fold or sliding doors while a larger farmhouse bedroom can easily accommodate a full door that requires more space to open.

Whether choosing a kitchen or fitted bedroom, planning is essential. Take the time to decide which colours, finishes and installation company you use to ensure a product that you will be happy with for years.

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